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1. What is an invitation?

Making an invitation means encouraging people you know to become partners of Esdebikers.

2. Who can I invite?

You can invite anyone you know who you think may be interested in becoming a member of  Esdebikers.

We do not accept invitations to strangers, or made massively through unauthorized ads, spam, telemarketing, etc.

3. How are the invitations made?

Inviting a person to become a member is very easy: you just have to enter your e-mail in the form you will find in Invita.

4. What do I earn if I make invitations?

For each partner you get, we give you a € 10 gift voucher:

€ 5 for you, to thank your collaboration

€ 5 for the new member, as a welcome gift for your first purchase.

We will enter the discount voucher directly into your partner account when your guest makes their first purchase. Remember that gift vouchers are not cumulative in a single purchase.


Remember that the minimum purchase amount to use a discount voucher is € 30 (excluding transportation costs).

Gift vouchers are not cumulative. You can only use one voucher per purchase.

5. Why have I not received my gift voucher?

In order for you to enter the gift voucher in your member account, the person you invited must register and make a purchase on our page.

It is not enough to send the invitation.

6. Why can't I make invitations?

If the possibility of inviting is disabled in the Invite menu of your partner account, it can be due to two reasons:

  • We have temporarily suspended invitations.
  • We have detected that you have made abusive use of the invitations.
  • Check the conditions for invitations

7. I want to recommend Esdebikers on my website / Blog

If you have a website / Blog you can access our section Invite> Banners.

By placing these banners on your website, each person who makes their registration through your recommendation will be your guest and you will receive € 5 in the form of a gift voucher for their first purchase. They will also receive € 5 for their first purchase in Esdebikers.

Remember that if you are the web / blog with more guests in the month (see conditions and bases) we will give you a free purchase in Esdebikers.

Conditions and bases

Each month, the web / blog that gets the highest number of guests automatically has a free purchase of € 50 in Esdebikers.

Remember that you must be over 18 years of age, resident in Spain (Peninsula, Balearic Islands) to enjoy this award.

The minimum number of guests to win the prize is 50 in the current month. Any false account will be removed from Esdebikers.

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