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Comprar Nolan Modular helmet N100-5 Consistency N-COM RJ 029Scratched Chrome -PINLOCK®-
Comprar Nolan Modular helmet N100-5 Consistency N-COM RJ 029Scratched Chrome -PINLOCK®-

Nolan Modular helmet N100-5 Consistency N-COM RJ 029Scratched Chrome -PINLOCK®-

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Nolan Modular helmet N100-5 Consistency N-COM RJ 029Scratched Chrome -PINLOCK®-

It is the new high-end folding hull of Nolan . It is characterized by an elegant design, its important technical characteristics and its wide availability of colors and graphics.
The characteristics of this design make the N100-5 a folding hull of reference for the most demanding motorcyclist.


· P / J homologation:
The helmet can be used both with an open chin guard (J configuration) and with a closed chin guard (P configuration), since the protective chin guard overcomes the homologation tests provided by the UN / ECE regulations for full-face helmets.

· Ultrawide screen:
The wide surface of the anti-scratch screen (S / R Scratch Resistant) allows a greater vision, even lateral, thus guaranteeing maximum driving comfort and increasing active safety.

· Internal screen with anti-fog system PINLOCK®:
Supplied according to the segment and with silicone profile (FSB Full Silicone Border).
The exclusive patented regulation system adopted by Nolangroup allows to regulate the screen shot (Pinlock®), acting from the outside and without having to disassemble it.

· Screen-parasol (VPS) with UV protection 400:
Located inside the helmet and adjustable in different positions, it is molded with LEXAN and is treated with S / R (Scratch Resistant anti scratch) and F / R (Fog Resistant antifog). It offers UV protection up to 400 nanometers and can be easily disassembled when it is not necessary or for its maintenance and cleaning.
The drive system (patented) allows the screen-parasol to be automatically retracted in the non-use position. In this way, any urgent maneuvers due to the need to quickly restore the maximum visibility offered by the screen are simplified, such as when entering a tunnel.
* LEXAN Registered trademark of

· Monobloc side pads:
The expanded foam inner padding of the side pads has been designed in such a way that it offers homogeneity in the pressures and constancy in the efficiency in times superiors to those of the traditional padding. In addition, they can be extracted from their respective fabric lining for easy washing.

· Cervical protector (NECK-ROLL):
Removable and washable, and therefore easily adaptable to the different morphologies of the pilots and to the different configurations derived from the different driving positions.

· Ventilation system + Airbooster technology:
The exclusive AirBooster Technology upper ventilation system ensures optimal ventilation where the pilot's head needs it most: in fact, the air comes from the frontal air intakes and is forcedly driven, without dispersion, to the most critical areas, in order to ensure maximum comfort also in extreme driving conditions.
The ventilation system is also composed of: - air intake of the chin guard that allows ventilation at the level of the mouth and directs the air directly to the screen, limiting the mist; - rear extractor integrated in a rear deflector that allows the expulsion of hot and stale air.

· Rotation of the chin rest with elliptical trajectory (patented):
The rotation movement of the chin bar with elliptical trajectory makes it possible to contain the front section of the helmet when the chinrest is in the open position. As a result, the "sail" effect is noticeably reduced and driving comfort is guaranteed, even with the chin bar lifted.

· Dual Action (patented):
Exclusive chinrest opening system that, located in the center of the chin bar, allows its opening with one hand. The double action mechanism reduces the risk of accidental opening: in fact, you can only lift the chin bar by acting on the second lever, after having activated the first release (or safety) lever.

· MICROLOCK2 (patented):
Retention system with double lever micrometric regulation. This system is formed by an ergonomic opening lever of thermoplastic material and a second toothed and retaining lever, made of aluminum. The toothed lever releases the micrometric clamp and, thus, only the clamping straps can be opened after the opening lever has made a very wide rotation. This reduces the possibility of involuntary openings.

· Coating of polystyrene inner side pads:
The helmet features an innovative molded lining of the internal polystyrene side pads that allows a more precise engagement of the bearings of the side pads. This coating, which gives the product a quality finish, is also the support of the N-Com communication system headphones.

· N-COM Preinstallation:
The helmet is prepared and approved with the N-Com communication system and with the innovative ESS (Emergency Stop Signal).

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*** To find out what your size is, consult the SIZE GUIDE attached.

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