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Comprar Scorpion Scorpion EXO 1200 full-face helmet Lilium white chameleon
Comprar Scorpion Scorpion EXO 1200 full-face helmet Lilium white chameleon

Scorpion Scorpion EXO 1200 full-face helmet Lilium white chameleon

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Comprar Casco integral Scorpion EXO 1200 Lilium blanco camaleon Comprar Scorpion Casco integral Scorpion EXO 1200 Lilium rosa

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Scorpion Scorpion EXO 1200 full-face helmet Lilium white chameleon


The Scorpion EXO 1200 AIR LILIUM Helmet.

3 sizes of outer shell.

Airfit Concept

The pump allows the rider to personalize the helmet adjustment thanks to the pads mounted on adjustable air cushions with additional sound attenuation.

PINLOCK® Maxvision

Perfectly integrated into the hollowed-out screen for this purpose, the Pinlock® glue creates a permanent air pressure and thus prevents condensation from forming, even when the temperature difference between the outside and inside of the hull increases.


Ideal accessory in case of strong luminosity. Anti-fog treaty on both sides, lower it when the sun is in your eyes. Raise it again when the brightness decreases. Easily replaceable and with anti-fog treatment (except Exo-100).

<font color=#38B0DE>-=Speedshift?=- Proudly Presents

This exclusive system guarantees the replacement of the screen in less than 10 seconds.


Very effective, hypoallergenic, removable, machine washable, very soft and pleasant to touch, the KWICKWICK3 from the new ScorpionExo® collection is really a tailor-made glove for your head.

TCT® Thermodynamical composite technology

Extremely light, having reduced the weight of the new EXO-1200 Air to about 250g, the new TCT structure offers a level of protection never seen before in the world of helmets.this elegant shell is able to fold gradually in case of impact, allowing it to absorb the maximum energy generated by the impact, while retaining one of the strongest structures.


  • Screen locking system: a 3-position lever allows the screen to be locked in the closed or slightly open position.

  • Ventilation System: Front and rear ventilation holes, adjustable with aerodynamic rear spoiler, reduce lift, create depression and maximize airflow through the hull.

  • Blow deflector: better anti-fog performance.

  • Mentonera: helps to reduce noise.

  • Double D-ring jugular clasp.


Like any other quality product, proper maintenance will improve and prolong the usefulness of the helmet and protect your investment. Your helmet has been conceived and assembled with state-of-the-art technology, including exclusive patented and registered features.

Exterior helmet cleaning

Never use solvents or abrasive cleaning agents to clean the helmet! For best performance, rinse the helmet in warm water with a mild soap. If the exterior is dirty with stains and dry insects, we recommend placing a damp cloth over the helmet for at least one minute before wiping it off. This softens foreign elements before removal, which limits the risk of scratches. Honda Plexusor plastic polish products will effectively restore the hull's shine, provided that dirt, stains and insects have not been dry rubbed.

The multiple screen coatings are resistant to light scratches; however, major scratches can pass through the coatings and cause visible marks. The removal of dirt and insects according to good cleaning practices and the preservation of the helmet in a box RaceCase? will significantly extend the life of the helmet and screens.

Exterior helmet cleaning

The removable washable padding on our helmets makes cleaning easier. First remove the pads by separating your 3 (usually) snap buttons. Be careful not to "tear" the pad, carefully separate each push button. The "padding crown" can be separated (2) from the back of the head region and away from the hull in the forehead region. Note the alignment arrows to reinstall the padding crown. Put these three pieces in the washer and let them dry outdoors before reinstalling.

Screen maintenance

The ScorpionExo screens for 400s and 700s have different cleaning procedures for the interior and exterior. The exterior is coated with an anti-scratch coating that prevents minor scratches, but cannot withstand hard cleaning without first softening dirt, grime and insects. Observe the wet towel method to soften insects and dry dirt on top. Plastic polishers work well to clean the outside of the screen provided dirt and grime have first been softened and removed. The anti-fog coated screens Everclear? inside require a special cleaning treatment. We recommend using a combination of warm water and mild soap followed by drying with a dry towel. Scrubbing can cause premature wear and scratches on the inner layer Everclear?.

Chemical substances

Some common household chemicals will react negatively with polycarbonates, fiberglass, or your helmet coatings. Avoid contact with acetone (enamel solvent), caustic solutions (ammonia-based cleaners), fixing spray containing methylene, chlorine from swimming pools or adhesives.

*Color screen not included.

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Size guide:

*** To find out which is your size consult the SIZE GUIDE attached.

100% original product. On Esdebikers we don`t sell falsifications.

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